Light Tales

MyYour, with design firm Brogliato Traverso, has created a new collection of table lamps for young and old alike entitled Light Tales.

The collection of rechargeable RGBW lamps is composed of Tri, Tin, Cat, Rose, Mobi, and Mobi XL.

all light tales - wide

Each piece is inspired by a traditional children's tale:

  • Tri - Three Little Pigs (the little house)
  • Tin - Wizard of Oz (the tin man)
  • Cat - Alice in Wonderland (Cheshire cat)
  • Rose - Beauty and The Beast (the magic rose)
  • Mobi and Mobi XL - Pinocchio (the whale)

Each lamp is a piece to collect and light on in your bedroom or of your children bedrooms for a nice and fanciful company.

Light Tales Mobi XL


Light Tales Mobi XL


Light Tales Mobi XL


Light Tales Mobi XL


Light Tales Mobi


Light Tales Mobi XL

Mobi XL