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These solutions have managed to fill an empty space and are always in perfect harmony with their outside beauty and intrinsic functionalities.

If a philosophy is different from its origins, different will be its variations and changes. It is not a math theorem, but simply Myyour vision: a gap and step forward from evidence. And the new catalogue further confirms it: new products or new proposals of a previously successful range, the company always tend to overcome design limits, just from its initial design. An hard challenge to the immobile thought, supported by a strong control of materials where any idea spark always come from.

Italian Aesthetic

“Suddenly it will prove to be a wonderful beauty by nature”

Aesthetic is beauty. The visual experience of MYYOUR‘s products is extremely important

This includes lighting, furnishings, for the home and for the contract sector, and accessories as rugs and pillows, which always help to create a welcoming environment

The trend is realized in the use of plastic material through new processing techniques, which transform the surface into endless possibilities able to satisfy both the eye and the touch.

Express an aesthetic that makes people happy, together with the technical ability, which guarantees safety and quality of products, it’s the foundation with which, every day, all the MYYOUR team works.


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